noun: hedonist; plural noun: hedonists
  1. a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker.
    "she was living the life of a committed hedonist"
    synonyms: sybaritesensualistvoluptuarypleasure seeker, pleasure lover; More
    antonyms: ascetic


    I first encountered this word as a teenager living in a rural mid-western town. It was presented to me during a church service. It landed on my mind, germinated and sprouted roots. My grasp on the word was fragile. Growing up in a highly protestant lifestyle and community, it always had negative connotations. It certainly wouldn't have been used to describe anyone I had ever met. But, I wanted to meet someone with those values. Eventually, I would turn into the exact person I wanted to meet. 

    I personally believe that a little hedonism can go a long way. I believe that small doses can balance out a highly productive life. It's these moments of pleasure that we collect like seashells from beloved vacations that make life fulfilling and worth living. 

    My desire is to provide exactly that. Are you ready to indulge? Click "Book Now" to start our adventure!


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