noun: hedonist; plural noun: hedonists
  1. a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker.
    "she was living the life of a committed hedonist"
    synonyms: sybaritesensualistvoluptuarypleasure seeker, pleasure lover; More
    antonyms: ascetic


    I first encountered this word as a teenager living in a rural mid-western town. It was presented to me during a church service. It landed on my mind, germinated and sprouted roots. My grasp on the word was fragile. Growing up in a highly protestant lifestyle and community, it always had negative connotations. It certainly wouldn't have been used to describe anyone I had ever met. But, I wanted to meet someone with those values. Eventually, I would turn into the exact person I wanted to meet. 

    I personally believe that a little hedonism can go a long way. I believe that small doses can balance out a highly productive life. It's these moments of pleasure that we collect like seashells from beloved vacations that make life fulfilling and worth living. 

    My desire is to provide exactly that. Are you ready to indulge? Click "Book Now" to start our adventure!

Name: llagathaa Main City: Stillwater, OK Sex: Female Age: 36


If you're a first time client or requesting an outcall it will require a 25% deposit.

I need to be sure that you're as committed to making the appointment as I am.

If you haven't paid a deposit, then you do not have a confirmed appointment.

This includes P411 and Eccie members. 

I accept Venmo, cash app and a plethora of gift cards. 

Are you ready to book? Click "Book Now" to get our adventure started!

Rate Session Service Details
$220 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls Outcalls will incur a travel fee based on distance.
$320 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Junior Hedonist -- additional charge depending on travel
$400 USD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Intermediate Hedonist -- additional charge depending on travel
$1200 USD Incalls/Outcalls Clock Free Hedonist Experience
$750 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Doubles, I need at least 48 hours notice to make this happen.
$500 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls Couples-- I require all parties to screen.


Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Thursday 9am-2:30pm Incalls Incalls in Stillwater
Monday-Thursday 9pm-Midnight Outcalls Within 80 Miles
Friday 9am-Midnight Incalls/Outcalls Friday's book quickly...please book in advance.
Weekends Please inquire Incalls/Outcalls I give prefrence to longer bookings on weekends



The Benefits of a Shared High

It's controversial to want to share smoke or even drinks with a client. For good reason. The providers and clients that prefer sober shared experiences are completely valid in doing so.  There are quite a few variables and some people may not be comfortable wit...


It personally took me a while to be comfortable hosting clients in an altered state.  The first time was a fabulous experience.  Partially because we took the time to plan the date beforehand and set boundaries and expectations. Also, we knew each other quite well at that point.  We took a pontoon ride and slipped off into another dimension! I will never forget that. 


 I have absolutely had some amazing sober rendezvous.  But there's nothing like a shared high.  Intimate moments and real connection get me high anyway.  Sometimes a really great conversation over dinner can get me high.  Long walks in the woods get me high.  Sitting on the shore of a large body of water gets me high.  The energy from large groups of people especially with live music gets me high. All of these things are fabulous to share with a romantic partner. The experiences bond you and open the door to a heightened intimate experience.  Which, I'm aware not everyone is looking for.  Especially for those who prefer to enjoy those experiences with a life partner.  But, this is generally my goal. 


It's very ceremonial! I like to grind and roll while we chat! Partners that I have smoked with, feel more comfortable.  I recognize this may be largely placebo and a Pavlov brain trick.  It allows us a moment to leave the reality that we walked in the door with and join the reality we are creating together. Enveloped in our smokey bubble we can be ourselves and enjoy learning each other.  It's a fast way to create that connection.  Not to mention its an aphrodisiac, a word no hedonist can resist.  "For hims" has a great article about this very subject. https://www.forhims.com/blog/is-marijuana-aphrodisiac 


Another reason I prefer Cannabis to other intoxicants is that it feels safer. I am not pharmacologist or doctor of course.  But, I don't think it reacts with medications and other environmental factors in as many negative ways.  If you're taking medication you definitely need to do your own research on this. https://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/cannabis.html


I'm much less comfortable with alcohol, I have had unsavory personal and professional experiences with that substance and definitely do not recommend getting drunk or being drunk with a provider or a client.  I have managed bars and bartended from the age of 16, I have had my fill of drunks and being drunk myself.   I'm not saying I don't have a sip of whiskey or glass of wine to take the edge off...but drunk is something completely different.  We all know that. 


If you're new to Cannabis, you may want to familiarize yourself with how it affects you before you partake with a provider or client. No one wants to make a bad impression because they can't handle their shit.  Babysitting an adult is not sexy.  If you find yourself wanting to explore this but are a weed rookie I'd suggest experimenting on your own in a controlled environment before introducing the erotic element with a partner.  When smoking, your high should last for about three hours. Edibles are a completely different animal.  There are so many resources online for the new user. No reason to fly by the seat of your pants. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a23424/beginners-guide-to-weed/


Do you Party?  Provider's get this question all the time.  It's pretty ambiguous.  Before asking a provider if she offers "Green Dates" do your research! Check her social media. You will likely find the answer there.  If not, ask specifically for a 420 experience.  Asking if she parties may get you blocked or even blacklisted depending on the person you ask. My assumption when I am asked this question is that the client is asking about booger sugar or meth.  I try not to shame folks who responsibly use any substance to enhance their life. But, that is not something I will ever offer.  Communication!


If you decide this is the route you'd like to take with a provider please book a longer date.  Most 420 providers offer longer sessions at a discounted rate if you're bringing green gifts other than cash. For instance, I usually offer an extra half hour to 45 minutes.  If you're expecting her to provide the green...please tip her well. :)  Don't ever expect her time or her green for gratis. But, you know that already. 



Metaphysical Outlaw

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Visiting Stillwater?

Visiting Stillwater?

Here are some entertainment options that I have carefully curated with you in mind.


Inexpensive fun! 20 computerized hitting bays with $7 bucket of balls plus Bluetooth connection to see your golf scores. There is also table seating with patio umbrellas and you can order food and drinks from Freddie Paul's Steakhouse!


Lakeside Golf Course is Oklahoma's most historic municipal golf course, designed by Oklahoma State Golf Coach Labron Harris in 1945. In 1998, celebrated architect Tripp Davis renovated Lakeside to its current layout. The golf course wanders through giant oaks in the gently rolling hills of north-central Oklahoma and is Stillwater's only full-length public driving and practice facility. 

Open daylight to dark.


Home to the OSU Cowboy and Cowgirl Golf teams and the 2018 NCAA Division 1 Men's and Women's National Championships, Karsten Creek was named the "#1 Collegiate Course in America," by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Open daily by reservation. Call the Golf Shop for tee times one week in advance for weekends and one month in advance for weekdays.

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